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"The sun of real happiness shines in your life when you start to cherish others."
-- Lama Zopa Rinpoche --

HMP - Sera Monks

"Wherever there is Sangha, there I am." -- The Buddha --

HMP - Dharma-Text

"... The qualities of the Dharma are inconceivable ..." -- Buddha Shakyamuni, Heart Sutra --

Star Trails over Oregon - by Joshua Bury

“For as long as space abides,
And for as long as sentient beings remain,
For that long I shall also remain
And eliminate the sufferings of the infinite sentient beings.”
-- Shantideva --

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Happy Monks Publication offers free Buddhist Dharma translations, compilations and compositions in the tradition of Nagarjuna, Asanga and Lama Tsong Khapa, trying to make traditional Dharma texts and Dharma information available to the modern reader.

The Three-hundred Verse Perfection of Wisdom known as Vajra Cutter, says:

“Subhuti, having taken merely a verse of four lines from this enumeration of dharma and then teaching it perfectly to others, showing it perfectly and clearly to others – merely this generates more merit-dharma, boundless and beyond renown, than offering all the realms of the worlds found, filled with the seven precious jewels, to the perfectly enlightened buddhas thus gone foe destroyers.”

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Sarva Mangalam

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Practicing Guru Yoga, the source of all Siddhis, in conjunction with Mañjuśrī, Lama Tsongkhapa

HMP - Practicing Guru Yoga, the source of all Siddhis in conjunction with Mañjuśrī Lama Tsongkhapa - frontCultivating profound, unbreakable, and enduring devotion
for the Dharma King of the Three Realms

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Your up and down emotions are like clouds in the sky; beyond them, the real, basic human nature is clear and pure.

Be as careful as you can. Our minds are funny. Sometimes we are skeptical of things that are really worthwhile and completely accepting of things that we should avoid. Try to avoid extremes and follow the middle way, checking with wisdom wherever you go.

If you have compassion in your everyday life, you collect the most extensive merit and purify much negative karma in a very short time. Many lifetimes, many eons of negative karma get purified. That helps you realize emptiness.