Definition of the Week (13) – Truth of the Path

Jetsün Chokyi Gyaltsen:
“Truth of the Path: A truth characterised by possessing the aspects of path, suitability, accomplishment and definitely liberating, and belonging to the completely purified side.”

Gyaltsab Je:
Truth of the Path
One is mistaken with regards to the truth of the path by thinking that:
– a path to liberation is non-existent,
– thinking that meditation on selflessness isn’t suitable to be the path,
– holding certain meditative absorptions alone to be the path to liberation
– holding a path reversing suffering to be non-existent.

Understanding the four aspects of the noble truth of the path, which are path, suitable, accomplishment and definitely liberating, counteracts those misconceptions.

Take the subject wisdom directly realising selflessness

  • it is the aspect of path – because it is a path progressing towards liberation
  • it is the aspect of suitable – because it is the direct antidote against the afflictions
  • it is the aspect of accomplishment – because it is a transcendental wisdom directly realising minds final nature
  • it is the aspect of definitely liberating – because it is the antidote irreversibly eliminating the afflictions.