Definition of the Week (33) – Union of Calm Abiding and Special Insight

☞ Calm Abiding:
Jetsün Chokyi Gyaltsen:
A concentration held by the bliss of pliancy, which can remain in equipoise on its object however much it likes, attained in dependence on the nine stages of mental stabilization.

It is called calm abiding because upon having calmed the movement of the mind to outer objects, it abides single-pointedly on its internal object.

☞ Special Insight:
Jetsün Chokyi Gyaltsen:
A wisdom clearly discerning its object through being held by the bliss of pliancy derived from analysis of its object while remaining in calm abiding.

☞ Union of Calm Aiding and Special Insight
The union of calm abiding and special insight is synonymous with special insight.

☞ Why Special Insight is needed:
From the Debate Between Wisdom and Ignorance:

Self-grasping says to wisdom:

Focusing on the aggregates one says ‘I’.

Make the mere non-affirming negation [149]
Of true existence of this the object of apprehension.
If then, without weakening strength, but with clear intensity,
Free from mental sinking, excitement and apprehending characteristics,

One is skillful in training in the mode of apprehending, [150]
Where, upon having focused on the aggregates,
My non-existence appears as object,
Then this is is the mode of apprehending antithetical to me.

Then one is able to evict me. [151]
☞ The Reason why Calm Abiding Needs to Precede Special Insight:
Lama Tsong Khapa:
If one has not attained calm abiding, then no matter how much analytical meditation is performed by individually discriminating wisdom, it cannot generate the joy and bliss of physical and mental pliancy in its conclusion. Once calm abiding is attained, then the analytical meditation with the individually discriminating wisdom can also generate pliancy in its conclusion, and that is why calm abiding is needed as the cause.