Definition of the Week (43): The Actions of the Path of Meditation

Bodhisattvas on the path of meditation are the beneficiaries of the actions of the path of meditation, such as mental independence and the like.

Jetsun Chokyi Gyaltsan:
The definition of the action of the mahayana path of meditation is: The benefits attained through meditating on their causal path of meditation.

Six-fold Division:

  1. Internally their mind is thoroughly pacified – their manifest afflictions are subdued.
  2. Through this they are respectful towards every sentient being.
  3. They have overcome the power of ´the afflictions such as attachment and so forth.
  4. Through this they do not experience suffering from external harm, such as from poison, fire and the like.
  5. Internally they abide in the action of achieving highest enlightenment.
  6. Through this the external place where such a person resided becomes a holy place, worthy of worship by gods and humans.

All of these benefits are achieved through the path perfection of wisdom, the non-dual transcendental meditative equipoise on emptiness, which is achieved in dependence on the scriptural perfection of wisdom.

Shakyamuni Buddha: This Perfection of Wisdom is a great Mantra.