Definition of the Week (47): Compounded Phenomenon

Purbu Chock:
The definition of compounded phenomenon is disintegration.

As such: A compounded phenomenon does not abide, but is always in the process of disintegration. It is synonymous with impermanent phenomenon.

Food for thought: The “compounded” does not refer to the parts of the phenomenon, but to its causes and conditions. Therefore, a compounded phenomenon is a phenomenon that is generated from the coming together of its causes and conditions.

For example, like the sprout, that is only generated once all the causes and conditions aggregate.

We are also compounded, as the self of today is the product of the causes and conditions of the past, and the self of the next life will be the product of the causes and condition of this.

As a star, a visual aberration, a lamp;
An illusion, dew, a bubble;
A dream, lightening, and a cloud;
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