Definition of the Week (50): Permanent

☞ Purbu Chock:
The definition of permanent is: An existent phenomenon that does not change from moment to moment.

Examples; Space, truth of the cessation and selflessness.

Space, the mere absence of obstruction and contact, does not change. It can be filled, like the full parking space, or empty, like the empty parking space, but it pervades everything unchangingly.

☞ Shantideva:
Like the elements of earth and so forth, [3.21]
And like space as well,
May I always be the basis for the many necessities
Of the boundless sentient beings.

☞ Gyaltsab Je:
Dedicating for Time and Expanse
May I always become, in many ways, the cause for the necessities of the boundless sentient beings, like the four elements of earth, water, fire and wind are the basis for the actions of sentient beings, and similar to space, which is permanent.

From the Stacking of Jewels,
Bodhisattvas work for the welfare of sentient beings like the five elements.