Definition of the Week (7) – Illusory (conventional) truth

Illusory (conventional) truth:
That which can only be cognized in a dualistic manner by the direct perception realizing it.

The implication is that this part of existence, since it cannot be realized in a non-dualistic way, is always deceptive in appearance, it is false, misleading and illusory.

“Conventional” has now been known for some time to be not correct. Other alternatives provided are “concealer truth”, or “truth for a concealer” and such.

Illusory truth is my personal word choice, with the seal of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, who said this term can be used.  It seems to fit all the parameters given in the texts.

Also, by hearing the term, rather then reaffirming a sense of inherent existence, it reminds of the discrepancy of appearance and existence, and encourages us to question our projections and mental stories.

A personal favorite tongue-in-cheek favorite is “Hollywood truth”.