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Definition of the Week (24) – Close Placement (of Wisdom) by Mindfulness on Feelings

The definition of close placement (of wisdom) by mindfulness on feelings:
An exalted knower on the path, that is contained in either mindfulness or wisdom, and which meditates by investigating the general and specific characteristics of feelings.

There are three types of feelings:

  • Happiness
  • Suffering
  • Equanimity

Wisdom, a discriminating awareness is placed by mindfulness on feelings, to investigate their general and specific characteristics.

The final purpose is to eliminate feeling as the basis of pleasure for the self.

General feelings are realized to be impermanent, produced by karma and afflictions, devoid of self and not belonging to any self. It is realized that contaminated feelings of happiness are in the nature of suffering, non-satisfactory, the cause of attachment and anger, and to be abandoned. Feelings are also investigated for their lack of inherent existence and their emptiness is realized.

It is also realized that there is only one feeling that will liberate from suffering, the feeling accompanying the wisdom realizing emptiness directly.