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Definition(s) of the Week (14) – Non-attachment – Non-hatred – Non-Ignorance

Based on Asagha’s Compendium of Knowledge:

Non-attachment is a consciousness endowed with renunciation that lacks attachment to samsara and samsaric perfections.

Non-hatred is a consciousness lacking the intent of harm towards sentient beings, sufferings and the sources of suffering. It has eliminated the generation of hatred.

Non-ignorance is a discerning understanding that arises from the practice of listening to the teachings, contemplating the meaning of what one has heard and meditating on the contemplated meaning. It can also arise through birth as the ripening of karma.

Yeshe Gyaltsen:
“Non-Attachment, Non-Hatred and Non-Ignorance
These three mental factors are the heart of the path to enlightenment as all grounds and paths are for the purpose of overcoming the three poisons of attachment, anger and ignorance.”

Whenever one generates a meditative state it should be accompanied by at least one of these three mental states.