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Definition of the week (6) – View of the transitory collections

View of the transitory collections

An afflicted wisdom grasping at inherent existence upon having focused on the ‘I’ or ‘mine’ in ones own continuum.

Definition Key:
An afflicted wisdom – an afflicted discriminating mental factor; eliminates any primary consciousness as transitory view.
Grasping at inherent existence  – grasping at the object as existing from its own side, not labelled by the imputing mind.
Upon having focused on the ‘I’ or ‘mine’ in ones own continuum – shows that the ‘I’ and ‘mind’ in owns own continuum are the focal object; eliminates the ‘I’ and ‘mine’ in another persons continuum as the focal object of the transitory view.

Initially starting grasping at self by naming ‘I’,    
Then generating attachment for phenomena named ‘mine’.
Praise to whatever becomes compassion for migrators
Traversing without freedom like a bucket in a well.

First Dalai Lama:
Migrators in cyclic existence initially start grasping at a truly existing self by naming ‘I’. Subsequently the view of the transitory collections grasping at ‘mine’ generates attachment for the true existence of phenomena named ‘mine’, such as the eyes. This causes them to traverse in cyclic existence without freedom, like a bucket in a well.