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Definition of the Week (12) – Truth of Cessation

H.H. The Dalai Lama, Fribourg 2013:
“It is most important to investigate the third noble truth.”

Jetsün Chokyi Gyaltsen:
“Truth of Cessation: A truth characterised by possessing the aspects of cessation, peace, supreme and having definitely emerged, and belonging to the completely purified side.”

Gyaltsab Je:
“One is mistaken with regards to the truth of cessation by:
– grasping at liberation to be non-existent.
– grasping at certain contaminated dharmas to be liberation.
– grasping at certain sufferings to be supreme liberation.
– thinking that even though one can exhaust the sufferings, one could reverse from that state.

Understanding the four aspects of the truth of cessation, which are cessation, peace, supremacy and definite emergence, contacts those misconceptions.

Take the subject “complete freedom from suffering achieved through the power of the antidote”,
it is the aspect of cessation – because it is the freedom having abandoned suffering
it is peace – because it is the freedom having abandoned the afflictions
it is supreme – because it is liberation with benefit and bliss
it is the aspect of having definitely emerged – because it is irreversible liberation.

From the Stainless Continuum by Maitreya,
Because the completely enlightened bodies pervade,
Because of the indivisibility of suchness,
And because of the presence of lineage,
All embodied beings possess the tataghata essence.

It is good to contemplate that there is a state of complete freedom from suffering and obscurations, and to take refuge in it. This is one part of the resultant dharma refuge.