Compassionate prayers and the wishes

Wisdom saying to ignorance:

Compassionate prayers and the wishes 9d

Of those to be subdued – due to this collection of causes, 10
The truth body, enjoyment body, emanation body,
As well as the grounds, paths, qualities, activities and so forth,
Exist, but only in mere appearance.

They are not seen as existing in reality. 11
Hence, that a self exists in reality
Is even more mistaken then mistaken
Therefore, from now on, at all times,

I shall abandon you, the mistaken self-grasping. 12abc
Without generating any aversion,
Go where ever you have to go to.

„All phenomena of cause and effect, such as the mahayana basis, path, result, exist only in mere name, only in mere appearance, and in reality not even one atom of existence from their own side is seen. Therefore, to grasp at existence from its own side as reality, is mistaken even beyond mistaken, and from now on, at all times I shall abandon the mistaken self-grasping from the root. Hence, without generating any aversion, go wherever you have to go to.“

This is teaching that its apprehended object needs to be negated by practicing the wisdom that realises the lack of inherent existence, i.e., the selflessness of the self that is the focal object of the innate self-grasping.